monokino 《Human Error》 M032









Monokino brings together the artistic visions of 3 musicians from different worlds: George van Wetering (Holland) song writer, lead vocals, guitar; Yu Jin (formerly of Cobra, first all-women rock band in Beijing, now living in Germany) on keyboard and synthesizer, and electronic drummer Frans van Gastel (Holland), who joined the band in 2007. Monokino has to date released one EP and one album in China where the band is known for its distinct musical identity playing electronic pop music. The sound has been spiced up in a rather kitschy way with a combination of melodious high pitched vocals, static keyboard, rock guitar and electronic/acoustic drum segments. In Holland, China and Germany, Monokino has received both critical and public acclaim for its indie music. In China, Monokino is signed to Modern Sky, China’s largest independent record label.